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Kabbalistic Tantra for Everyday Living: A Complete Workshop

Imagine walking into your place of worship-your local church, synagogue, mosque, or meditation center–to find that all of the usual adornments have been replaced with statues and pictures of sexually intertwined cherubs. Chances are, you’d be quickly taken aback. But, according to Mark Gafni-bestselling author of Soul Prints-these were the precise images found atop the ark of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem. “These `angels of desire’ were, for the mystics, the very key to the mystery of love at the heart of our lives,” he explains. Now listeners can join him to explore the tantric secret of these cherubs, and experience eros in all of life’s activities-including the spiritual-with The Erotic and the Holy.

The Wisdom of God Revealed in the Erotic

What can erotic love teach us about the Divine? In modern Western thought, the sexual is often seen as being the opposite of the spiritual. Yet according to Marc Gafni, best-selling author of Soul Prints, when we understand and access the rich interplay between the erotic and the sexual, we can tap into limitless reservoir of spiritual wisdom. “The sexual models the erotic,”  Gafni explains, “but it does not exhaust it.”

Now, with The Erotic and the Holy Workshop, this groundbreaking Kabbalistic sage invites you to accept Eros as your spiritual teacher –a teacher that will guide you with sweetness and tenderness toward “being a lover” in every aspect of your life.

Get a Taste of Dr. Marc Gafni’s Teaching on The Erotic and the Holy

The Temple Mysteries

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Dr. Marc Gafni holds his doctorate from Oxford University and has direct lineage in Kabbalah. He is a Rabbi, spiritual artist, teacher, and a leading visionary in the emerging World Spirituality movement. He is a co-founder of The Center for World Spirituality, a scholar at the Integral Institute, and the director of the Integral Spiritual Experience, as well as a lecturer at John F. Kennedy University. The author of seven books, including the national bestseller Soul Prints and Mystery of Love, Gafni’s teaching is marked by a deep transmission of open heart, love and leading edge provocative wisdom. Gafni is considered by many to be a visionary voice in the founding of a new World Spirituality and one of the great mind/heart teachers of the generation.

The Lost Face of the Divine Feminine 

Marc Gafni’s teaching is a transmission from the Kabbalah known as “The Secret of the Cherubs” –a mystery that is the source for popular contemporary fiction like The Da Vinci Code.  Dr. Gafni’s study of sacred scrolls has revealed that ancient Hebrews tried to illuminate the essential relationship between erotic love and divine grace when they built the first Temple. Accounts of the Temple describe it as being adorned with vivid images of angelic figures in passionate lovemaking–even directly about the Ark of the Covenant. Yet when the Temple fell, teaches Gafni, the great tragedy was the exile of the feminine erotic, known to the ancient Hebrews as Shekinah (sh-chee-NAH). It is that essential feminine quality of the Divine, the sensual and creative side of God, that we must now reclaim.

Inviting Eros Into Your Everyday Life

The key to rediscovering the Shekinah is found in the vast wisdom that the sexual has to teach us. This is the beauty of the Kabbalistic Tantra –an enlightened understanding that sxuality integrally relates to and actually models the erotic Divine. Gafni teaches that when we live from our erotic core, bringing the spirit of the lover to each facet of our lives, the most valuable lessons of spiritual awakening come to us naturally and without resistance. The answers to such challenges as giving up our need to control, learning to forgive, and developing true compassion can all be found in the erotic heart of the Tantric lover.

With his intimate knowledge of Kabbalistic mysticism, Marc Gafni unfolds insight after insight as he leads you toward a new and profound relationship between pleasure and the spirit. Join him on The Erotic and the Holy as he combines intriguing revelations about the Kabbalah with moving stories from everyday life to guide you into igniting the divine power of the Shekinah in your own world.

Highlights from The Erotic and the Holy

  • What is “erotic” and what is “merely sexual”?
  • To be “inside the face of God” –a forgotten truth about the erotic
  • The union of temple energy and pagan energy–why both are needed, and how they can find common ground
  • Sexuality as the great wisdom teacher–how to apply its lessons to every aspect of life
  • Savoring the “aftertaste”–a key to knowing a true erotic experience
  • How “being a lover” is a commitment to the act of generosity and transcending the self
  • Giving up control: why we will happily give up the illusion of control when we embrace the wisdom of Eros
  • Reclaiming the power of the “Great Name”–the secret meaning of the name of God
  • A complete workshop recorded before a live audience, featuring over 7 hours of insights, stories, and wisdom from a master of Kabbalistic mysticism

What People are Saying About The Erotic and the Holy

“I own this series and it is amazing. I’ve heard when the student is ready, a teacher will be found. This was my teacher and listening to this audio workshop was an amazing learning experience. I listened to this series and found it informative, valuable, and a good use of financial and time resources”. – Docere, Seattle, Washington

“Marvelous work from Marc Gafni! Profound! I could not be happier! Thank you!” – Robert, Portland, Oregon

What You’ll Receive

The Erotic and the Holy collection includes 57 audio files, separated into 7 chapters—a staggering 7 hours and 30 minutes of material. You can download the complete workshop in one mp3 file. You will also receive a special 40-page pdf that includes The Erotic and the Holy experiential exercises to supplement your home workshop experience.

The Erotic and the Holy: Kabbalistic Tantra for Everyday Living is changing the game when it comes to sacred relationship.  Download your copy now for $99.99!  $49.99. Save $50 if you purchase before September 15th – a special limited time offer just for our community!